Filipino Wedding Customs

If you are planning to marry inside the Philippines, there are a few cultural traditions that you ought to know of. These kinds of practices are a amazing way to honor the heritage and add a touch of uniqueness to your big day.

Cords and Veils

The cable and veil happen to be two of one of the most recognizable things about a Philippine wedding ceremony. They are worn by groom and bride to symbolize unity and protection of their marriage. beautiful filipina girls Fortunately they are meant to accept the couple a strong and long union.

Barong Tagalog

In addition to the traditional ribbons bridal dress up, Filipino grooms also dress in a clear garment known as the “barong tagalog, ” which is commonly made of pineapple fiber cloth. While it may seem strange to foreigners, this kind of piece of apparel is a typical Filipino aspect that goes back to the Spanish impérialiste period.

Arrais Loose change

In Filipino customs, the swapping of 13 coins (known as arras) is a symbol of prosperity and a promise to provide for one another through their marriage. These are typically handed from the groom to the woman and then given back to him by simply her.

Sampaguita Flowers

The countrywide flower belonging to the Philippines is highlighted in most marriage decor. This belongs to the Jasmine family and is usually used in both the bouquet plus the floral bouquets with the venue.

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